It’s hard to believe that this semester is already coming to a close. When I decided to take on this project of talking and learning about the problem of low youth voter turnout, I had no idea how much would have changed by the time I was done. I was…

By Elle Gennis

Presidential debates have been a cornerstone of the American presidential election process for centuries. Ideally, presidential debates should allow voters to be able to clearly see the differences between the two candidates and learn more about the candidates’ political stances, beliefs, and aspirations for the future of…

By Elle Gennis

BECAUSE this is what democracy looks like

BECAUSE democracy is by the people

BECAUSE democracy is for the people

BECAUSE democracy is a privilege, and it should not be taken for granted

BECAUSE democracy is freedom

Freedom to speak up

Freedom to act

Freedom to protest


How Ginsburg’s controversy might shed light on how the modern Democratic party is thinking about the upcoming election

A few weeks ago, I was inadvertently added to one of my mother’s iMessage group chats. In this chat, she and about six of her friends, many of which are lawyers, all of which are highly educated critical thinkers, talk and commiserate about current events, opportunities for activism, and share…

Elle Gennis

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